Rainy R.
This is my new favorite bakery. Took home several bakery items and was not disappointed in any of them. Especially the macarons. Absolutely love that their pastries and cakes are not loaded with the taste of pure sugar and you can actually taste the different ingredients. I'm not a huge chocolate lover, but I love everything I had with chocolate from this bakery. The girl who attended me was very polite and answered all of my questions on what was what and what was in each item I asked about. Great customer service! The cafe part of it I have not done YET, but will do in the future. It is decorated in such a lovely manner and looked so cozy and inviting. Highly recommend the bakery for now.
Gerald S.
More a cafe and less a bakery at the intersection of Holland and Buck Roads in Southampton, PA, this Eastern European house is well decorated with a large dining room and four private rooms for group breakfast and lunch. The menu is very interesting with the use of standard ingredients prepared by hands trained in formerly socialist republics. I ordered the Tomato Feta Omelet. It was cooked in a personal sized polished steel pan and served to me still burning hot in that instrument, on an oval wooden insulating plank. The outer egg was almost a souffle texture and the taste was great. It came with two chunks of bread and a small dish of sweet butter. The bread had a crisp crust warm enough to melt the spread. It was also excellent and left me wishing for more. The final surprise was the brewing of La Colombe coffee; strong enough to take immediate notice, and a pitcher of milk for mixing to my preferred shade of auburn. It was so good! Service was efficient and beautifully accented. This was a surprising and awesome meal at a very reasonable price. It was good to visit Kiev for a few minutes.
Kemran M.
First of all the atmosphere of this place is magnificent. The people are amazing the service is outstanding. Now the good part, the food, the taste was in another universe, all the flavors bursts into your mouth just on another level. The waitresses are amazing always WOTH a smile and they'll make you come again and enjoy every visit. Highly recommended.
Helen Grannik
Wanted to say a huge thank you to the owners for your beautiful work. Jackie’s shower cake was not only beautiful but extremely delicious. Everything was amazing . You’re the best!
Ella G.
Amazing place! Ordered several times macaroons and cakes! Always fresh and amazing. I ordered a cake and ordered the the wrong cream When i came to pick up we discussed my mixup and they made a new cake within 10 minutes amazi